All of the cats in our lounge are ready for adoption. They have been fully vetted, including being spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. 

Adoption fees are $100 per cat and $150 for a kitten under 4 months. 

Please note that we do not do single kitten adoptions. If you do not have a younger cat at home we require that they go in pairs. 

Edie - 4.5 year old

Sassy lady who is looking for a solo home where she can spread out and play with all the feather toys.

Danny - 1.5 year old

Addicted to the 'nip and raging with the other cats. Also, loves a good lap cuddle. 

Noel - 1.5 year old

Independent woman who loves sitting in the window and play fighting other cats.

Hansel - 1 year old

Part of a bonded pair with Gretel. Loves sitting in laps and being cute. 

Gretel - 1 year old

Part of a bonded pair with Gretel. Enjoys suckling on the back of other cats ears and chasing crinkle ball toys. 

Snowy -  1.5 year old

Beautiful man who prefers the company of cats over humans. Looking for a cat for your cat, then Snowy is your guy.