Wait, it’s $15 to pet cats?!

You are damn right it is. Fifteen whole American dollars just to come in and touch cats and play arcade games and watch movies and drink your Sprite. 

Oh, $15 is the amount we have determined that it takes to keep the lights on and have hot water and to help keep the cats healthy and cover all the medical bills and supplies that come with taking care of cats. 

Don’t be that guy who tries to haggle a charity, cool guy. 

Where do you get your cats?

Your mama. Ah, we got jokes. 

The short answer is everywhere. We have taken cats in from Chicago, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, and even the US Virgin Islands. While we do rescue animals from Chicago and surrounding shelters, we primarily pull cats from southeast Kentucky where they have some of the highest kill rates for cats. So with the help of so many wonderful people, we have them transported up to Chicago where our euthanasia rates are lower and manageable. 

Do you do same day adoptions?

If you pass our rigorous test of jumping through hoops and checking all the correct boxes and have been determined to not be a serial killer, then yes. So basically, come prepared with your lease and/or landlord approval and photo ID and the approval of all the people you live with so that you can help make the process easier on all of us.

It’s also helpful to bring a carrier too. We also recommend having your home already set up for your new family member.

Why don’t you have a phone number?

Because we would spend all damn day answering questions like, “Where can I park?” “Is there a Cubs game?” “I’m running late, can you alter the time/space continuum for me?” 

There is no such thing as a cat cafe emergency. Check out the website: Google.com or send us an email to have your questions answered. 

Are you a non-profit charity?

Yep, we are a registered 501(c)3 charity. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our EIN is 81-5469117.

Why can’t I pick up the cats?

Okay, let’s pretend I showed up to your house and walked right up to your animal and scooped them up. Sure, there’s a chance nothing would happen but there’s also a chance they would try and claw the eyeballs from my head. You’re probably a beautiful person (or you wouldn’t be reading this) so trust me, don’t pick them up. We are concerned with your future modeling career. But also, if dozens of people picked up our cats every day then they would be extra stressed and sad and we don’t want that.

Where does the money go?

The cats. Medical costs. Poop sand. Cat food. Oh sure, stuff like electricity and heat and water and rent and staffing too. Since I’m sure you are naturally curious as to where the dollars end up, let’s just say this - the difference between a non-profit and a for-profit business is, you can donate a million dollars and it won’t change the fact that every penny is mission-focused on taking care of the cats. Oh, Leo will be a millionaire but Shelly and Chris will still be arguing that we can’t afford more toppings on our pizza.

How can I support your mission?

Come in as often as your accountant allows. If you have some extra dollars and you are feeling especially reckless and generous, we have a donation link on this website you are on right now. If you are leery about donating monies to two hard-working questionable weirdos, might I recommend purchasing something for the cats from our wishlist and we promise not to sell the litter on the black market. 

What do you need?

Support and smiles. Food and litter. Sharing our posts and promoting us to anyone who will listen. Monetary donations go directly to the welfare of the cats as does everything on the Amazon Wishlist. 

What rescue do you partner with?

We are our own rescue. Don’t believe me? Look up the license, dude. We do our own rescue work. These are our cats. We are responsible for the cost of their vetting and keeping them healthy. Any medical needs that arise with cats while in our care are taken care of by us, The Catcade. We take our cats directly from county shelters.

We do work closely with Starfish Animal Rescue, as they are responsible for transporting cats in from two municipal shelters in southeast Kentucky. But once the cats come to us in Chicago they are ours to take care of until we place them in a home through our adoption program.

I want to have my birthday party at The Catcade, can I do that?

You sure can. It is $225 to reserve the entire hour. You get the lounge all to yourself. You can have up to 20 people in the lounge and it comes with unlimited soft drinks. Reserving the entire hour can be booked directly through our booking site.